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10 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Instagram

These tips will help ensure that your Instagram promotion program is successful.

These tips will help ensure that your Instagram promotion program is successful.

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Professionally Showcase Your Brand Personality

If you want to sell goods and services on Instagram, you should pay attention to yourself, upgrade your brand.
What is a brand? In fact, this is a collection of opinions, associations, emotions of the consumer about you or your page. Your task is to ensure that they remain extremely positive. You must, on the one hand, maintain the interest of people, on the other, constantly evoke their respect, and on the third, not allow them to use you too much. Determine what you are interested in and what you are good at, preferably better than most, and find the target audience that supports you. This is not an easy task, but if you can cope with it, then success will not take long!

Make Your Username Simple & Searchable

Nick is a business card of an Instagram user, that element of a virtual image that interlocutors or potential subscribers first of all pay attention to. Therefore, it is necessary that it be memorable and simple, but it is not desirable that it is too banal and ordinary. A good option would be to at least add additional characters to the name.

Don’t Cut Corners on Your Instagram Bio & Link

Instagram biography is a limited number of symbols in which it is important to fit the most important information. Tell us about yourself that can really interest potential subscribers. If you do not fill out this field at all, then the probability of finding them decreases dramatically. And be sure to add a clickable link there demonstrating your professional achievements.

Make Instagram Hashtags Your Best Friend

Like any tool, hashtags have their own tricks that allow you to move as efficiently as possible. In no case do not add extra hashtags: this will create the impression of spam. But absolutely all the appropriate hashtags should definitely be added. So you increase the position of the account in search engines and increase the number of future subscribers.
According to recent studies, the optimal number of hashtags showing the highest level of engagement is nine hashtags.

Show Users Where You’re Located & Where You Visit

It is important and interesting for people to know what their idol is doing. Common interests allow better mutual understanding both in communication and in work. Always tell about yourself where you are and what you do.

Don’t Be Afraid to Jump on a Popular Trend

Many people are afraid to post information about something fashionable, famous, modern. After all, the popular has many admirers and haters. It is not excluded heated debate and, moreover, a negative in your address for even one not liked word. But the ability to defend one’s point of view is extremely important for a modern person. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Be sure to write about everything that is interesting to you and related to the subject of your account!
The main thing is to Jump on Trends Without Jumping the Shark (if you are interested in the expression, look for a separate large article where it is described in detail). In a nutshell - do not try to arouse the interest of the audience with a cunning, but reducing quality idea. Or with something that does not match your goals and brand.

Good Content

The content you offer should be good. Namely - useful, unique, diverse, high-quality and, most importantly, life-affirming! This is exactly what all consumers want. If your account offers fairly similar content, success will come to you as soon as possible.
Variety: we offer photos, texts, videos.
Quality: Publish what your soul wants.
Post content regularly. Do not stop, so that interest in you does not fade!

Post at Peak Times

The best time to post content on Instagram depends on what kind of content it is.
But in most cases it is optimal from 17.00 to 21.00.
The worst time for posting is 9 a.m.
Three in the afternoon is a dubious time, most people work at this time. But you can try, suddenly it will be of benefit to you.
Finding the best time for posting helps SMM-services, which offer analytics on social networks. According to analytics, look when more comments and likes are collected and draw conclusions.

Use services to Promote Your Instagram

About SMM-services already mentioned in the previous section.
Competent promotion on Instagram without promotion services is simply impossible. This is work with large data arrays and automation, which saves a lot of time!
They will help you automatically clean pages from bots, analyze your audience, and effectively perform the identical tasks.

Do Not Give Up

Even if something doesn’t work right away, but you yourself like your occupation and you still plan to find a common language with consumers, consider the reasons for past failures and try again to promote your account. In a pinch, rebrand or start promoting another product. Diligence and skill will win!