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Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Followers

Using such services is legal and will never entail a loss of trust on the part of advertisers in contrast to buying followers. This is the main advantage of such programs.

The number of followers is of great importance. The account owners fight for them, they are bought, they are attracted by any legal and non-legal means. The reason for this is the profitability of their availability. The more followers, the more benefits are created for the account. These benefits include:

  1. Increased popularity of the owner of the account on Instagram;
  2. Reposts of photographs and their further distribution on the network;
  3. Contracting with advertisers and huge financial benefits.

However, just a large number of followers displayed on the computer screen will not benefit the account holder. Followers must be alive. This means that they must constantly perform any actions, like new posting and reposting of photos or writing comments. Otherwise, advertisers will understand that followers are fake and will end all relationships with the account owner.

How to Buy your Followers

There are a number of services that recommend buying followers who sign up for an account. The price of such subscribers amounts to thousands. For a thousand subscribers, they require from three to ten dollars. Services selling thousands of subscribers for nine dollars position them as high-quality subscribers. However, such services never mention the fact that these profiles are fake and have no any relation to living people.

Why is Buying Followers so Bad?

Buying fake followers has a number of disadvantages. These include:

Lack of action on the part of fake subscribers - under the photos for whole months there may not be a single like or comment;

A sharp decline in subscribers over the course of a month — Instagramgram employees strictly monitor inactive users to identify fake users. Any more or less experienced marketer who sees a lack of action on the part of subscribers will delete them. As a result of this, the number of subscribers within a couple of weeks may decrease by two;

Useless loss of money - no one will return money to the buyer of unreal followers as finding sellers would be an extremely difficult task;

Loss of credibility and trust on the part of advertisers which cannot be returned in the future.

How to Grow your Followers the Right Way

Many Instagram users are wondering: so how to increase the number of subscribers on the network if they should not buy them? Is there really no other solution? There is such a solution. It was brought to life by the developers who created a small but powerful tool program which is called Instapromo. This is an online program designed to promote an account on a network of Instagram. Users are invited to familiarize themselves with the program for three days in a free mode.

The users of the service have access to a variety of functions, such as automatic subscription or unsubscribing to accounts according to specified criteria, publishing photos, including in delayed mode, automatically liking the posts, comments, promoting hashtags and much more. The promotion of accounts takes place around the clock thanks to the work of cloud service servers while the client does not need to install special programs on their devices. The results of this work can be found by using automatically generated reports. Promotion analytics is also available based on user account data on Instagram.

The service regularly holds promotions and distribution of bonuses for performing certain tasks, which allows you to earn money or save on the use of the program.

Using such services is legal and will never entail a loss of trust on the part of advertisers in contrast to buying followers. This is the main advantage of such programs.