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* Prices are for 1000 units
1000 units
For resellers
1000 units
Followers - 1М ⚡️ ★ Limits: 20 ~ 1m
20 ~ 1m
$ 45.84
Followers - On playlist - 10К ⚡️ Limits: 20 ~ 10k
20 ~ 10k
$ 63.18
Plays - Fast - 100К ⚡️ ★ Limits: 1000 ~ 100k
1000 ~ 100k
$ 11.4
⚡️ – Quick start of promotion
♻️ – Product with the Guarantee
Post-charge deductions
⭐️ – Popular service on the service
⛔ – Delays, Unstable,
No warranty.
The more you spent with our service, the more interesting discounts and special offers you will receive. When the total amount of all your orders reaches 1000$, you will be able to purchase all our products at wholesale prices, which you can find in reseller pricing column
One-time payment
With a one-time replenishment of the balance in the amount of 400$ You get the opportunity to continue to use the of the system in the status of "Reseller" at wholesale prices, which you can find in reseller pricing column
Dealer status

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